Dry Small Diameter Serrated Blades

Wel-Co Serrated Small Diameter Blades are manufactured in a wide variety of specifications.
They are designed for special applications such as very fast cutting of stone, brick, pre-cast, cured concrete, green concrete and block.
Available Sizes
4” x .090” x 7/8” 8” x .090” x UA
4.5” x .090” x 7/8” 8” x .125” x UA
5” x .090” x 7/8” 9” x .090” x 5/8”
6” x .090” x 7/8” 10” x .090” x 5/8”
7” x .090” x UA  

Application Specs


Serrated segment, continuous rim blade for fast cutting of hard materials such as brick and stone


Serrated segment, general purpose blade for fast cutting cured concrete


Serrated segment blade for fast cutting asphalt, green concrete and concrete block that have soft to medium hard aggregate


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