Out of Round

A blade is out of round when one portion of the blade is higher than the other.
If the arbor shaft on the saw is worn, the blade does not fit true on the shaft. The wear pattern on the blade shows half the segments high with the other half low. The difference between the segment heights is the wear on the shaft. The solution is to replace the arbor shaft.
If the bearings are worn the wear pattern is known as quartering. The wear pattern shows one quarter of the blade high, the next low, the following high and the final low. The remedy is to replace the bad bearing.
If the bond is to hard for the material being cut, the diamonds will become dull and the blade will begin to glaze over. When the blade is glazing over it will have a tendency to hammer pound as it is sawing. The solution is to use a softer blade specification.
If the problems are not corrected they will lead to short blade life. Once a blade is out of round it may need to be returned to the factory to be redressed.